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Save $4.80 on Blu-ray To DVD

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Coupon code : VIDE-DH2B
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Blu-ray To DVD overview:

Convert and burn your Blu-ray files to DVD in one click. Complete conversions in no time with the fast and smart encoder and achieve the best quality possible. With Blu-ray To DVD, no computer knowledge is necessary. Simply insert the Blu-ray disk with a decryptor activated or select the file from your hard drive. Then click on the audio and subtitle tracks of your choice according to the list offered on the original blu-ray. The aspect ratio can be selected (4:3 or 16:9) depending on tour TV screen and also NTSC or PAL video formats, depending on where you live. Select the menu of your choice from different templates with the drop down selection. Hit the "convert" button and that's it. You'll get a video readable on any DVD player or media player with an outstanding quality. Save the conversion to hard disk or burn to DVD immediately or later. Different burning speeds are available for a smooth and quick processing of your DVD.

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