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Save $4.39 on Leawo Blu-ray Creator

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Leawo Blu-ray Creator overview:

Leawo Blu-ray Creator is a powerful Blu-ray burning software program that enables you to create and burn all media files to Blu-ray discs (BD-25, BD-50), DVDs (DVD-5, DVD-9) and ISO image. With this Blu-ray burner, common video and audio in any formats, HD movies, website videos, etc. can be burned to whatever disc for storage or sharing. Within this Blu-ray burning software, more video to DVD or Blu-ray editing features can be achieved. You can cut out the unwanted part of the video by means of trimming and cropping, adjust the video effect or add individualized design features through effecting and watermarking. Furthermore, you can pick up your favorite DVD or Blu-ray menu templates and personalized label, background picture and music can be attached to the output with this Blu-ray movie maker. By using this Blu-ray Creator, you can make numerous DVDs and Blu-ray discs with only a few clicks. It is designed for both greener and veteran, so it requires no technology knowledge and you can master it as soon as possible. Key Features 1. Burn video to Blu-ray discs (BD-25, BD-50). 2. Burn video to DVDs (DVD-5, DVD-9). 3. Create ISO image for further uses. 4. Customized video editing features: trimming, cropping, effect setting, watermarking. 5. Rich Blu-ray and DVD menu templates: Christmas, Cartoon, Classical, Festival, Nature, Others, Standard, etc. 6. Additional output features: add customized label, background picture and music to the output. 7. Preview and Snapshot the video. 8. Multi-core CPU and NVIDIA CUDA supported to ensure fast Blu-ray and DVD creation. 9. Fast creation speed with high-quality output.

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